When I went to Carmel for the first time, I was in a very bad place in my life.  I was feeling very low and very alone. I wanted a solution from her but she helped me find resolution within myself. It took a lot of hard work and commitment to sort my life out. However, the work paid off and it’s still paying off. I’m happier now than I have ever been.

CD Dublin


I engaged Carmel’s services in a coaching capacity and was astounded by the wealth of knowledge and expertise she brought to the table. She listened to what I needed and created a strategic plan that moved my business in the right direction with the necessary skills. Carmel helped me to sustain maximum focus, efficiency and performance each day.  I highly recommend Carmel to everyone.

EG Co. Monaghan.

Fear of Needles

I was going in for very serious surgery and needed help to dissipate my fear when I entered the doors of a hospital. Carmel did BWRT on me and the results were amazing. I went into the hospital for surgery the calmest I ever felt and not only got through all the pre-surgery tests feeling very calm but through the surgery and post-op recovery.

IO'C Co. Kildare

Help with Exams

My son had two BWRT sessions with you and after the second session, he really improved his study-work, from literally within hours of you working with him.  Instead of coming home from school and spending 4 hours staring at his books and being overwhelmed with the workload, he knuckled down to tackle his second-year homework and studying without getting distracted. He would normally spend 3 to 4 hours on homework and using any excuse not to study, he would end up not completing his homework and would feel deflated after trying to work for hours. 

After the second session with you, within a matter of hours, he sat at his desk and didn’t leave it until his homework was fully completed which was now only taking 1.5 – 2 hours to complete as opposed to 4 hours and this gave him the time to get in 2 hours of good quality revision. His summer exam results came in this week and his grades improved immensely, with him getting an A, 5 Bs and 3 Cs, with which he and all of us were delighted.

MS - Dublin